When Adam sides with Grandfather against the King, he hopes to find the approval for which he yearns. Instead, he faces betrayal and the whip of slavery. Desperate, he undertakes a dangerous mission, hoping to regain the King’s favor, not only for himself but also for Mount Eirene, his home. Meanwhile, Keeda warriors ravage his people’s fields, a dragon plots to overthrow the city, and the life or death of all rests in the hands of one man.

Can Adam find answers in the King’s Stones before it’s too late? Will the prophet’s dying prediction be fulfilled? Can Mount Eirene survive the anger of the King?

This page-turning Christian allegory not only excites the mind but also stirs the soul, probing the depths of human darkness and arriving at life’s ultimate answers.

What are people saying about Anger of the King?

“J.B. Shepherd takes young readers on a roller-coaster ride through the land of Aard. Just when you think you know what is going to happen, another twist surprises you! The story is strangely moving and excites the spirit into an eternal perspective. A great read!”

—Susan Marlow, author of the Circle C Adventures

"I could hardly stop reading. I finished the book with tears just brimming over my eyes, to be so reminded of what Jesus did for me—a sinner condemned. It just made it so fresh in my mind again, and I had to thank Him so much. I was saved at age twelve."

—Julia Neufeld

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Anger of the King. It was exciting to try to figure out who the characters in the book represented. The adventure was entertaining and fun! It kept me wanting to read on.”

—Seth Letzring, 13

"Anger of the King is a great family read-aloud. Core Biblical doctrines are brought to life through engaging storytelling and a cast of memorable characters. The book masterfully depicts the deceptive nature of sin, the inability to redeem oneself from its bondage, and the true freedom which can only be found in obedience to the King. Anger of the King will point older children and adults alike to the winsomely portrayed Mediator."

—Becky D, homeschool mom

“My teenage son (13) is a voracious reader and loved this book for its story-like quality which brought out the truth that we treat God like an enemy instead of an ally.... I believe you really hit your target, the young men.”

—Marjeana Bednarski

"Fascinating, entertaining, and stimulating. Anger of the King is a fantastic allegory of God's great justice and grace. J.B. Shepherd does a good job of summarizing God's plan of redemption in a gripping fashion."

—Bob Corbin, pastor of Family Bible Church in Martinez, GA

“Much like water colors over a pencil sketch, Anger of the King has filled in several aspects of the gospel that I hadn't considered before. I rarely reread books, and although Anger of the King is written to a young adult audience, this will be a book I revisit again soon. Reading it will be time well spent.”

—Craig Brunson

"Anger of the King is an intriguing novel. I found it easy to read and captivating. It also illustrates many important truths of the Christian Faith in a way that is easy to understand.”

—Nathan Herbster, college student

“I thoroughly enjoyed Anger of the King. It strikes a helpful allegorical balance between being overly opaque or excessively simplistic. Teens will find the main character Adam highly relatable. I found myself cheering, but more often cringing at his actions, while recognizing that I often act and react in much the same way. Highly recommended!”

—Andy Anglea, Resource Review - The Wilds Christian Camp & Conference Center

Anger of the King portrays Biblical truths in an interesting and accurate way. At the start, the topic and setting drew me into the story. However, as the story progressed, I found myself more and more agitated with Adam III. How could someone try to appease the King’s anger on his own when the King had already provided a way? How could someone be so proud to think he can fix his own problems? My frustration was not really directed against Adam III but against myself because Adam III embodied me before salvation and every time I now fail to walk in the Spirit. The conclusion left me in tears of joy because what was done for Adam III was done for me.”

—Andrew Goodwill, assistant to the pastor of Agnew Road Baptist Church in Greenville, SC

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